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The following items are for sale at our museum:

“A History of Powhatan County” by Richard Couture
“Charlie’s Letters” by Richard Couture
"Powhatan Pathways" by John Kerr and Margaret Palmore** $20.00
Water Color Prints of Belmeade Plantation $15.00
Commemorative Sun Catchers of Powhatan Historical Society $12.00
1880 LaPrade Map of Powhatan County (18 X 24) $5.00
Powhatan County coloring book for children $2.00
Powhatan County Pins $5.00

** Cost of shipping and handling for Powhatan Pathways - $5.00

The book is available locally at the following outlets:

The Complete Picture, County Seat Restaurant, Plaza Pharmacy, and Powhatan Pharmacy.