Taylor Family Cemetery

       The Taylor Family Cemetery may be reached by traveling from Chesterfield County on Rt. 60, turn left on Urbine Road and left on Stavemill Road. The cemetery is 1.6 miles on the right after turning left on Stavemill Road just after the residence at 1361 Stavemill Road.

  The cemetery was surveyed on March 2, 1997 by Sharon L. Nowery and Catherine L. Nowery. There are 27 tombstones inside a cyclone fence and 4 tombstones on the left outside the fence.


Burial Listing
Birth Date
Death Date
  Adkins, Anna 2/18/1948 Loved one - At Rest
  Gray, Helen     no dates
  Greene, Fred Jacob 1924 1990 WWII
  Greene, Lula Taylor 9/13/1889 7/29/1961  
  Harrison, A. A.     (no dates on tombstone)
  Harrison, Florence S. 1885 2//1919  
  Harrison, Grace Lee 4/9/1909 3/7/1932  
  Harrison, Ira (?)     (unable to read)
  Harrison, J. D.     (no dates)
  Harrison, Jilie     (no dates on tombstone)
  Harrison, John E. (Rev.) 11/4/1881 3/7/1956 Our Father
  Harrison, L. W.     (no dates on tombstone)
  Harrison, L. W. (Mrs.)     (no dates on tombstone)
  Harrison, L. W. (Rev.) 9/19/1849 8/10/1917 Loved One - At Rest
  Harrison, Louise   6/6/1915 At Rest
  Mayo, Everette     Same tombstone (no dates) - At Rest
  Mayo, Lawrence     Same tombstone (no dates) - At Rest
  Mayo, Lillie     Same tombstone (no dates) - At Rest
  Mayo, Walter     Same tombstone (no dates) - At Rest
  Olphin, Mabel Gray 3/8/1901 3/9/1958 City Home Nurses - In God's Care
  Pettus, Sadie Taylor 7/24/1883 2/12/1955  
  Pettus, Wlm. (Rev.) 1878 1956 At Rest
  Roy, John F. 1884 1960 At Rest
  Roy, Lina L. 4/18/1886 3/12/1972 Our Sister - At Rest
  Scott, Daisy Harrison 1882 1921 (and Baby Son "Little Willie")
  Scott, William 1884 1956 "Big Daddy"
  Stephenson, Mary A. 2/29/1892 2/7/1969 Gone but not forgotten
  Taylor, Ann 1837 1920 At Rest
  Taylor, Bertha O. 8/16/1894 2/23/1979 Our Sister - At Rest
  Taylor, J. B. (Rev.) 8/2/1861 10/4/1943 Our Father - At Rest
  Taylor, James Beauregard 5/2/1897 1/28/1963 Pvt., 4 Co., 155 Depot Brigade - WWI
  Taylor, Joseph M. 8/26/1903 8/3/1996 Age 92
  Taylor, Josephine Harrison 4/8/1863 12/23/1931 Mother At Rest
  Taylor, Wlm. Ernest 1900 1901  
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