James Morris Family Cemetery

     The James Morris Family's Cemetery is located 200 ~ 300 yards north of the James Morris' house. There are nine graves.Three are marked and six are un-marked. The cemetery has been surveyed, and a plat of the cemetery located within the lands of James Morris has been filed in the County. The cemetery is located South of Cartersville Road and West of Bell Road in Powhatan County, Virginia.

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Burial Listing
Birth Date
Death Date
  Hopkins, Noretta c. 1891 19?? Niece of Lucy Ann Pryor (Bailey-Wood)
  Morris, James c. 1826 c. 1902  
  Morris, Jane Chambers   c. 1908  
  Morris, Mabel Pryor c. 1881 C. 1954 w/o William Morris - d/o Lucy Ann Pryor
  Morris, William "Willie" c. 1879 c. 1939 s/o James Morris - h/o Mabel P Morris
  Pinkney, Mollie Morris   > . 1934  
  Pryor, Lucy Ann C. 1861 C. 1942 m/o Mabel - full name Lucy Ann Pryor Bailey Wood
  Sturdivant, Virginia Morris   c. 1910  
  Webster-Morris, Infant c. 1933 c. 1934  
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