John Townes Leigh

Grace Church Cemetery

U. S. Veteran C. S . A

        JOHN TOWNES LEIGH.- This gallant youth, whose name will ever be remembered with affection and respect by his comrades in arms, was killed in the late cavalry engagement, under General Stuart, on Sunday, the 11th of October, 1863, in the eighteenth year of his age. He was the eldest son of Robert G. Leigh, Esq., of Powhatan, and a member of the Powhatan cavalry.

        Characterized from his early childhood by truthfulness, honesty, and fearlessness, he was a man in character when but a youth in-years. Though but sixteen years of age when this unnatural and cruel war was precipitated upon us, his keen sense of right, his ardent love of liberty, his great desire to be useful, and an inborn opposition to injustice, compelled him to offer his services in resisting to the bitter end the overthrow of every principle so dear to every lover of freedom. Inheriting a delicate constitution, and that sorely tried by disease contracted in camp, and being severely wounded in the last advance into Maryland when his horse was killed under him, he was reluctantly compelled to retire for a brief interval from active service; but so great was his enthusiasm, and so overwhelming his conviction of the duty of aiding his country to the best of his ability in the time of need, that before his wound was entirely healed he was again in the saddle, having torn himself away, for the last time, from the endearments of friends and home, to share again with his companions in arms the hardships and privations of another campaign, and to pour out his life's blood in devotion to his country. He nobly fell in the discharge of duty, and added another star to the bright galaxy of heroes, the influence of whose names and deeds will only cease to be felt when every lover of human shall have perished and time itself will be no more. Thus has passed to his reward an obedient son, a devoted brother, an unselfish companion, a constant friend, a fearless soldier, and a courteous gentleman. The fair hands that wreathed his grave, on the day of his burial, with beautiful flowers paid a touching tribute alike of their effection for him and of their high appreciation of his manly virtues. "Beloved in life, we trust he is happy in eternity.".

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