Bolling Family Cemetery

        The Bolling Family Cemetery is located by traveling east on Rt. 711 (Huguenot Trail) from St. Luke’s Church .3 miles. Turn left on dirt road (across from 2127 Huguenot Trail) by abandoned wood building. Enter through gate to property and travel to the fork in the road, bearing to the left at a grove of trees prior to the old home. The cemetery sits on the edge of the property overlooking the James River.

       The cemetery was surveyed on March 2, 1997 by Sharon L. Nowery, Catherine L. Nowery and Claude Ridings. The cemetery is overgrown by trees and vines, is enclosed in a wrought iron fence and has four known tombstones.


Burial Listing
Birth Date
Death Date
  (Bolling), Penelope
c. 1806
See note #3
  Bolling, Blair (Capt.) c. 3//1791 10/20/1839 See note #2
  Bolling, John R. 8/7/1784 3/24/1851 A Tribute of Affection to the memory of
  Bolling, Paulina S. 10/23/1839 3/3/1857 Sacred to the memory of (See note #1)

Note #1: Tombstone Reads:
Sacred to the memory
Paulina S. Bolling
Born October 23rd 1839
Died March 3rd 1857

Early, bright, transient,
Chaste as morning dew,
She sparkled, was exhaled
Then went to Heaven

Note #2: Tombstone Reads:
to the memory of
Capt. Blair Bolling,
who departed this life
Aug. 3rd, 1839
Aged 48 Years 5 Months
This tablet
Erected to his memory by
his affectionate wife.
Note #3: Tombstone Reads:
A tribute
of filial affection
to the memory of
Consort of the late Capt. Blair Bolling
who departed this life the
29th of May 1849
in the 43rd year of
her age.

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